Border Crisis

Context for the Polish–Belarusian border situation

The border separating Poland and Belarus, a point on one migration route from the east, has become the site of a humanitarian crisis. The closure of the border on the Polish side has left many people seeking to reach Europe in an extremely precarious position. Many of them have fled their countries because of political unrest, armed conflict, or economic crisis. They are looking for a life of dignity, stability, and opportunity. In Europe, they seek sanctuary. Some manage to cross the border, but many others are subjected to violence when making the attempt.

Raffi had been attempting to cross the Polish–Belarusian border for several months. He now lives in Germany, where he hopes to find a clinic that will treat his son, who is in Lebanon. The text messages in Chapter 4 are a record of the correspondence between Raffi and photographer Agata Grzybowska.

Raffi’s experience is one of many such stories. Ali, from Lebanon, detailed his experience in an interview with OKO.press: https://oko.press/nazywam-sie-ali-mam-24-lata-jestem-z-libanu/


For more information about the situation at the border, see this ACAPS report about conditions for refugees seeking sanctuary in Europe: https://reliefweb.int/report/poland/acaps-thematic-report-migration-crisis-poland-belarus-border-update-01-july-2022