PAH Activists' Academy Webinar

Tourism is an extremely interesting social phenomenon. Due to constant development, it is one of the keys to understanding the modern world. It is a movement in which the inhabitants of the rich North go on vacation to the countries of the South. Hundreds of millions of intercultural encounters each year add up to form relationships between entire societies. This is how billions of photos, videos, stories, and TikTok messages are created. It is a comprehensive documentation of exchanges among cultures. A tourist aware of global interdependencies, causes and consequences of tourist behaviors as well as conscious of being subject to psychological, commercial, and ideological processes is a post-tourist. Where does he go? What kind of accounts does he prepare? What is he talking about and to whom is he addressing his words?

The interview with Paweł Cywiński, PhD, was conducted by journalist Agata Kasprolewicz (Raport z przyszłości). A visual note from the meeting was prepared by Edyta Emme (Myślenie Wizualne).

Edyta Emme’s visual note from the meeting in PDF format can be found here.