Climate crisis

Accelerating climate change has ushered in a range of detrimental environmental, economic, and social changes. It also poses an existential threat to human livelihood, health, and life. These adverse effects are being felt more acutely in certain regions, generally manifesting faster in the Global South than Global North. This may induce the false sense that these problems don’t directly threaten us. But the long-term effects of climate change will, sooner rather than later, affect each and every one of us regardless of where we live. Reports forecast more than one billion climate refugees on the planet by 2050.


The presented materials will help you understand the processes underlying climate change and its effects on different regions of the globe, in particular in relation to the humanitarian situation on the ground. Find interviews with experts, reports, and educational materials prepared by PAH to get involved in our efforts to tackle the effects of climate change.

  • 25.10.2021

    “In What Ways Is the Climate Crisis Apparent in Somalia?”

    Magan Ali, an employee of PAH’s regional office, discusses the situation in Somalia

    The effects of climate change disproportionally impact different regions of the world, with people living in the countries of the Global South feeling those impacts more acutely. Listen to Magan Ali, an employee of Polish Humanitarian Action in Somalia, describe the climatic conditions the country faces.

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  • 25.10.2021
    animated movie

    “Who Is Responsible for Climate Change?” animation

    Information about the climate crisis is now a part of everyday life, cropping up almost daily in the media, political debates, educational curricula, and in relation to activist endeavors. Questions about who is responsible for the situation we find ourselves in, and about how to implement potential solutions and mitigation, are a subject of controversy within some quarters of society. Who caused the crisis? Who is obligated to address it?

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